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Ame-Comi Girls #6

I feel like... this really shouldn't be a first issue. It's the climax of an arc that's been building for five issues of Ame-Comi Girls: Featuring...; and if each 'Featuring' issue was headlining a different character, but still numbered 1-5, why couldn't this just be Ame-Comi Girls #6? Any new readers coming in at this point are going to be confused, this issue drops us right in the middle of the big battle directly picking up from the Supergirl issue. I was perfectly fine, but I've been following the series already. I think this will be a bit alienating to new readers.

The art is also a bit inconsistent, and personally anything would be a letdown after Casas last issue. A lot of the time the art here looks like a cheap imitation of Casas' work, similar line weight and colors and such, but there's too much variety within the same artists' style. And Batgirl looks too old in some panels. I'm super excited that Casas will be taking over the art for at least #3-4, and honestly this still wasn't bad. The action was definitely smooth and incredibly dynamic.

Wonder Woman's the newest player to the field, ironically, since she was the first we saw. But she's pretty much the only person here who isn't familiar with all the other players. But she plays nicely with everyone, she knows how to be heroic, despite having a significantly shorter temper than the Earth Zero Wonder Woman. She gets into an epic brawl with Supergirl that really is just amazing. Dark Supergirl has some tedious expositionary dialogue at the beginning, but it gets better, and Wonder Woman lampshades it by using it to her advantage.

Power Girl gets a good chunk of spotlight here as well, which is good because her spotlight issue was just crappy. It's interesting how different she is in her backstory and the role she plays, and the explanation here for having Power Girl and Supergirl in the same universe. Supergirl's backstory is essentially the same, but Power Girl is the female stand-in for Superman. There's an odd moment in her flashback of her making out with someone who appears to be significantly older than her at the time, and I have no idea what that's about, especially since I can't figure out what Superman moment that would be mirroring, but overall Power Girl makes a much better show here than in her spotlight issue, her interactions with the robots at the center of the Earth are surprising and oddly adorable.

In Conclusion: 4/5

By the end of the issue, the stakes have been raised to an all time high, I'm pleased to see how this series has escaped from being a simple fanservice/guilty pleasure, and emerged as a genuinely well written series. It's got great characters, cool action, great artwork, and a compelling plot that plays around with the different takes on the main DC Universe in interesting ways. As long as you go into it understanding that a big part of the intention is the fanservice, you can get a lot of enjoyment out of this series.

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