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Amazing X-Men #1

This issue had fun, it had adventure, it had humor, it had heart, it had substance and hellishly good story-telling (no pun intended -- okay, a small one maybe). This is what the X-Men should be! There was no in-fighting, only that of a typical family which was pretty darn funny, in my opinion. There was no competition to see who rules the roost of the franchise. There were no heroes fighting heroes. This was the X-Men, as a team and a family with great character moments for everyone.

I admit, I had some initial concerns about the roster in the solicits. Wolverine was a must on this, given that Kurt was his best friend. He had to be there. Storm makes sense, as another close friend, but yes, I wondered about some of the others choices for the team. Those worries have been laid to rest. This was Iceman and Beast at their best. Aaron caught their individuality and their voices perfectly. They were likable again. I loved Rachel's attitude and Northstar's penchant for understatement adds great spice. Firestar gives a needed newcomer's POV on the chaotic world of the X-Men that helps the reader to see things with fresh eyes.

Seeing Nightcrawler again --- just WOW. It was him at his swashbuckling finest, a la Excalibur. Death hasn't made Kurt have any less heart, and he may worry that his swordsmanship is rusty, but his talent for quips isn't. Jason Aaron showed us the real fuzzy elf.

The book maintains a lighter, humorous feel, but in no way loses the story momentum or underlying substance to the characters. It wasn't campy or slap-stick, it was just plain fun. If Aaron keeps this up, we'll have a title that rivals Excalibur.

McGuinness' art was outstanding throughout. Every page was beautiful and laid out the story perfectly.


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