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Below My Expectations

Well, after reading the first two parts of this series, I was really hoping for something more upbeat and positive.  Maybe my expectations for the Jackpot character were too high.  Either way, the finale didn't sit well with me.   
First, the writing didn't flow as well in this issue.  The dialog seemed choppy and there were a few instances of commenting on things that really didn't need to be revisited like Boomerang and Jackpot once again stating that the other had a stupid name.  It took the menace out of their fight because of what had transpired at the beginning of the issue.  Spider-Man's presence only obstructed Jackpot's story and the personal journey she was on.  IMO, his 'voice of reason' was a big flop and his incessant joking began grating my nerves.  When your partner's just had her husband stabbed with a razor-sharp boomerang, it'd just be better to keep your mouth shut. 
I didn't care for the art as much this issue.  It seemed rushed and Sara's expressions of rage came off a bit exaggerated.  It would have been nice to have had more details in Boomerang's face during their fights, especially the final one in which she may have (or not) killed Boomerang.  But other than that, the art was great - sleek lines, nice coloring (at least with Jackpot's costume).  A few other story elements didn't sit well with me especially the big reveal that the Rose was someone Sara knew all along. (Cliche)
So where does the story itself leave Sara?   Well, Sara is exactly where she was at the beginning of the story except her husband's dead which leaves her daughter without a father and, in a bit of role reversal, Sara takes on Alana's name and has moved her and her daughter to California.  The story doesn't say whether she keeps super-heroing as Jackpot or whether or not she killed Boomerang.  All in all, I feel a little cheated.  Maybe I was hoping Sara would do a job well done and see how much she's needed.  Of course, I wasn't expecting her to be a single parent widow now either.   
Why is it superheroes have to have something dark and traumatic happen to them?  I thought Marvel was entering the Heroic Age, shouldn't the hero come out on top?  Anyway, I do hope to see more of the character around, though I don't know how much it will be if she's based in California.  Maybe she can team-up with Arachne and Rachel and Madeline (I mean Sydney) can have playdates.

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