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C-List Writing For C-List Heroes

Man, this had a really cool cover. The split image doesn't always work but my god does it work here. Doc Ock looks AMAZING here, the sharp art and perfect colors... and the poritioning.. EVERYTHING. Then the background is done in a nice sepia that contrasts perfectly with the crazy green. Awesome.

And it's no secret that... oh wait, I haven't been reviewing Amazing Spider-Man... Well I LOVE what Dan Slott's been doing. I jumped in around Spider-Island, and I've been going back to fill in some of the gaps. Frankly, I think Dan Slott might be the best Spider-Man writer of all time. He takes the classic elements of Spider-Man and creates genuine progression that feels like it was intended from the very beginning of Spider-Man. He's making Spider-Man grow like few other big name superheroes ever have, as if Spider-Man was a character he made for an independent series. And Ends of the Earth has been an outstanding peak of progression that shows Spider-Man really making it big as a character in his world.

So I was understandably looking forward to this added pacing into the story. Unfortunately the problem with this issue is the exact opposite of what I thought this issue would do for Ends of the Earth. The 'event' skipped a bit forward while the other characters all did their part to stop Dock Ock's towers, and this issue is filling that in, helping out the pacing. But this issue had some pretty bad pacing in and of itself.

Union Jack seemed cool, and I was enjoying the idea of seeing a bunch of these unknown C-Listers do their thing, since Spider-Man, in universe, was definitely once one of them. And making them from various countries around the world both makes sense, and could make for an interesting story. But none of them come off as more than general stereotypes of whatever country they're from. Union Jack drives the story on his motorcycle, but he barely comes off any better than the rest. The art was really nice, like a smoother version of Humberto Ramos (except Spider-Man's weird eyes). And the story wasn't exactly bad, just not that interesting.

And then Big Hero 6 takes the spotlight for the second half of this book, and that story was just a mess. It was like "Here's a threat. Here's a Japanese hero! Oh no, a complication!Here's another Japanese Hero! Oh no, another complication!..." and so on and so forth. I wanted to like these guys, but I couldn't muster up a single ounce of enthusiasm for any one of them, and finished up the story in a bit of a daze.

In Conclusion: 3/5

This was at least half decent, and not a lot was OVERTLY terrible, but it just wasn't very well written. Fun, but not worth $4 unless maybe you have previous exposure to these characters (or are they new?) or NEED to have all of Ends of the Earth.

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