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When Ramsay and Carter test their new radio telescope, alien would-be conqueror Torr follows their signal. Switching bodies with Carter, Torr stores his giant form, which Carter cannot control, in a cave and accompanies Ramsay into Manhattan to observe humanity, extorting Ramsay's cooperation via a device intended to lead Torr's people to Earth should Ramsay reveal Torr's existence. When Torr rants about his plans, Ramsay grabs a policeman's gun and seemingly kills Carter's body, with Torr within. 
Ramsay is tried for murder, but before sentence is passed, Carter revives, revealing his consciousness reverted back to his body. With Torr's death, the electromagnetic device crumbles into dust. 
Midnight in the Wax Museum: 
Fleeing from police, Pierre la Roc hides in a wax museum, posing as a statue. At midnight, the statues come to life around him, and he flees into police custody. One man confers zith the officers, assuring himself that they don't believe la Roc's ravings about living wax statues, before resuming his spot im the museum, certain that the average mind cam't believe that any other type of human life can eist. 
I am the fantastic Dr. Droom!: 
When an ailing Tibetan lama requests treatment from an american doctor, Dr. Droom travels to Tibet. Although told he will not be paid, Droom nevertheless walks a bed of hot coals, faces the ferocious Gorlion, and climbs a levitating rope to reach the High Lama, who, near death, reveals all was a test of Droom's worthiness to succeed him in fighting evil. After mystically giving Droom an Asian appearance to better resemble a Tibetan Lama, the High Lama dies, and his aide Ramu vows to help Droom carry on the Lama's work.







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