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Stories Include:

Why Won't They Believe Me?
The Last Man On Earth
Witch Hunt
Journey's End
The Icy Fingers Of Fear

Why Won’t They Believe Me?

A man runs through the streets warning people there is an alien amongst them but they all think he’s mad. He remembers back to last night when he found a crashed spaceship in the woods. The man entered the spaceship to investigate but found it empty. He discovered the ship’s log book which stated the aliens have sent one of their giant soldiers, transformed as a human, to scout Earth. If the invader can avoid detection his planet will attack Earth, however if he is caught they won’t dare. As there is no body in the ship, the man figures the invader must already be walking amongst humans disguised as one of them! Terrified of the oncoming invasion, he ran into the woods to warn others. He met some campers who called him a nut and told him to take a hike. He then ran into the city to get help. Back in the present, the man approaches a police officer who mocks him on hearing his story. In a nearby army base a soldier tells the man he has no time for fairy tales and that he should go to the Space Agency. The man rushes to the agency but Professor Crater’s secretary won’t let him into the professor’s office. The man tells the secretary to at least give the professor the ships log book and she agrees. Minutes later the secretary tells the man he can go in to see the professor. The man enters Professor Crater’s office and asks the scientist how they can find an alien disguised as a human. The professor meanwhile draws his curtains, locks the door and pulls out a gun! The shocked man curses his luck and asks how out of the millions of people on Earth he stumbled into the one man who is the alien in disguise! The professor tells him he hasn’t and shows him the ships log book. Professor Crater says only one person could have understood this unearthly writing… the one who wrote it! The man sees what a fool he’s been as he starts transforming back to his giant alien form. As Professor Crater explains the crash landing must have given the alien temporary amnesia, army soldiers burst in to the office. The alien realises in the most fantastic freak accident of all… he’s managed to catch himself!







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