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Little is know about Alyssa Myles' origin yet apart from that she has trained for years with Dox in order to prepare for the coming of the next Shadowman. The Abettors are charged with protecting the host of the Shadowman loa, or "neutralizing" the host if he is unable to control it. In a battle between Shadowman and his ancient foe, Master Darque, Dox is killed. Alyssa is then charged by both the Abettors and by Dox's ghost to kill Jack Boniface, the Shadowman. With the recognition that Boniface does not completely control the loa also comes the realization that she is slowly developing romantic feelings for Jack. She sends Boniface to Punk Mambo in the hopes that "the Rite of Separation" will rend the Shadowman loa from Jack and satisfy both the Abettors and Dox's ghost. The rite fails, but Alyssa continues to believe in redemption for Boniface.


Alyssa was created by Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher. She first appeared in Shadowman #1 (Nov. 2012), published by Valiant.

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