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691736 grimmangel616 Character Overview 04/12/15 09:30PM 11 Approved
652558 CitizenSentry Character Overview 02/24/15 06:38PM 1 Denied
652556 CitizenSentry Character Overview 02/24/15 06:37PM 1 Approved
652551 CitizenSentry Character Overview 02/24/15 06:35PM 15 Approved
631683 antimutant001 Character Overview 02/01/15 04:54PM 10 Approved
425375 Redskull490 Character Overview 05/04/14 03:38PM 11 Approved
425345 Redskull490 Character Overview Omnipresence as divine powers. 05/04/14 02:08PM 5 Approved
202668 kcaz Character Overview Added a few pieces of missing information for Alucard, and edited out information which was invalid 09/03/13 08:53PM 456 Denied
178297 JediXMan Character Overview Removed Abraham van Hellsing and Alexander Anderson as his friends. He respects them, but they are still his enemies. 08/09/13 06:40PM 5 Approved
178296 JediXMan Character Overview Removed image under "Betrayer of Hellsing," because it was not an image of the Reborn Wlater, but of a young Walter. Put in an image from the manga of reborn Walter. 08/09/13 06:39PM 1 Approved
78597 KillerZ Character Overview 05/24/13 11:17AM 1 Approved
78273 KillerZ Character Overview one link was broken, fixed that as well 05/24/13 06:35AM 1 Approved
78270 KillerZ Character Overview Changed picture sizes and removed repeating links 05/24/13 06:34AM 2 Approved

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