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Altwaal ends the war and creates the Eidolon Rift
Altwaal ends the war and creates the Eidolon Rift
Altwaal is the initial member of the God-like beings known as the First to be created by the transitioned Atlantean named Solusandra. Solusandra also created seven weapons of power, which were made exclusively for him. After being explained the reasons for his existence, Solusandra created an entire race of beings so that Altwaal would not be bored. These beings named themselves the First because Solusandra left their home planet of Elysia almost immediately after they were created. This gave the First the impression that they had created themselves, and as such, were the true gods of the universe. Altwaal allowed them to believe this, for he felt they needed to grow and mature naturally to really be of value to the universe. Because Altwaal was the first of The First he was by far, the most powerful. There were however, six members of the First who held more power than all others, but less than Altwaal. These six First were; Ingra, Trenin, Gannish, Pyrem, Orium, and Yala. Soon after their creation, however, the Age of Wars occurred, but was eventually stopped by Altwaal. The First then lead a peaceful existence until some members became dissatisfied with their way of life and wished for Altwaal to step down as leader in order for a council to rule instead. Those who wished this to happen thought a council would be better able to represent all of their race. The First often debated this subject for hours at a time until an assassination attempt was made on Altwaal himself, by the Goddess known as Tulity. However, the bolt that was meant for Altwaal struck and killed his only confirmed lover, Raamia. Stricken with grief, Altwaal defied the law of nature to bring Raamia back to life, which outraged many members of the First, and ultimately lead to their second civil war. During their war, the First not only damaged their home planet of Elysia, but they also managed to destroy an entire world when they took their war across the universe. This outraged Altwaal and he ultimately ended the war by forcing the members of the First into two different camps which were based on their ancient alliances. He then forced them to choose to either stay where they had been placed, or switch sides before he ultimately created the Eidolon Rift which divided Elysia into two houses, House Sinister, whose members place themselves before all others, and House Dexter, whose members place all others before themselves. Altwaal then decided to place himself in a self-imposed exile, hoping that the First would grow without him, and ultimately realise that they were stronger when together. However, before he left, Altwaal cursed Orium with true sight for not being able to see the end result of his revolt against actions. This caused Orium to see the truth in all of his visions, which ultimately drove him insane. Altwaal then gave Persha, Ingra's newborn child the gift of fire, and then gave Seahn, the newborn child of Tulity, the gift of earth. He did this in hopes of giving them extra power so that one of them may reunite their people. He then permanently left Elysia in order to hide as Ayden on the planet Quin. Although all members of the First believed him to be dead, only Pyrem and Raamia knew the truth. It seems that Pyrem was his most trusted ally and the only First with access to Altwaals armory, while Raamia, his one true love, was visited by Altwaal from time to time.

In exile as Ayden
In exile as Ayden
On Quin disguised as Ayden, Altwaal used his bow to kill the evil sorcerer Mordath, who had attempted to conquer much of the planet. Altwaal then divided his arrow into five pieces so that it could not easily be used again. When Mordath was resurrected after receiving a sigil, Danik, in the form of Neven, gave Altwaals bow to Arwyn and sent her on a quest to collect the five pieces of Altwaals arrow so that she may kill Mordath for a second time. Neven also attempts to inspire Ayden to return to his true form and use his power for good, rather than hide away in exile. He is ultimately visited by Persha when she uses his Gauntlet of Power to locate him. Here Persha asks Ayden to return to Elysia in order to reunite the First. However, he refuses her plea for help and pretends to be an old man with no idea what she is talking about. He does encourage her to try to reunite the First herself and accidentally says her name before she departs. Persha is disheartened by his lack of interest in returning to Elysia, but she does realize that she never introduced herself when she barged into his room. Altwaal then begins to revert to his true form, stating that there maybe hope for his people after all.

Altwaal is next seen when he is called to Elysia by Pyrem, Persha, Seahn, and Orium after they touch his obelisk. Altwaal then states how disappointed he is that they cannot end their warring ways and reunite as a people. He then simply slams his hands together forcing the Eidolon rift to dissipate. While he begins to speak to the First now gathering in front of him, Seahn demands a duel, stating that Altwaal cannot simply return and just expect to lead unchallenged. However Seahn is struck in the back by Persha and seemingly kills him. Unfortunately, Altwaal makes an example of Persha by appearing to kill her as well, stating that there can be no more fighting between the members of the First. He then calls for every First on Elysia to gather and prepare for the war with the Negation universe.

Soon afterwards Evinlea arrives, now on the side of the Negation, leading the Lawbringers to Elysia. The lawbringer known as Qztr quickly kills Raamia for a second time after telling Evinlea not interupt Altwaals glorius return. This causes an enraged Altwaal to brutally attack Qztr as the rest of the Lawbringers poor out of a portal created by Evinlea.The next issue would have seen a full out war between the First and the Negation's Lawbringers, however the series was abruptly canceled after Crossgen was forced to file for bankruptcy. It was revealed by the creators of the story however, that Altwaal's sudden return was due to time constraints on the story, and had the war been able to finish, he would have been among many of the First to die.

Power and Status

Altwaal is the initial member of the First, and as such, he is  by far the most powerful member of this species. As a member of this race of beings, he is privileged with a wide variety of powers which includes, but is not limited to; super strength, speed, self propelled flight, single or mass teleportation, extra sensory perception, object and sentient life creation, magic, the ability to control a number of energy types in a variety of ways, regeneration, telepathy, empathy, and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space without the need for food, water, or oxygen. Altwaal is also the only member of the First who has been shown to have enough power to bring other members of the First back to life. He is also the creator of the Eidolon Rift, which divided the planet of Elysia for centuries, making it difficult for other members of the First to traverse from one side of the planet to the other. Altwaal is the only member of the First who was able to single handedly create and destroy the rift. 

Altwaal's status among his people is also clearly shown, as he is the only other member of the First, who's name is used as a colloquialism. His name is often used by all members of the First in a variety of situtations, making him a "God among the Gods".

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