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A young Al and Ed
A young Al and Ed
A kind hearted boy, born to Trisha Elric and Von Honenheim, Alphonse Elric or Al for short is one of the two major characters in the manga and anime series......Full Metal Alchemist. The other main character being his older and more stubborn brother Edward Elric or Ed for short. Alphonse was born in the small rural town Resembool, a location in the south eastern region of Amestris where the story mainly takes place. Growing up Alphonse often spent time playing with his older brother and their best friend Winry Rockbell, but much like Ed Alphonse looked up to his father and began studying the art of Alchemy along with ed. Though Al would prove to be a gifted alchemist for his age, his skills were never as good as his brothers. In there younger days the two brother would often spar with one another, each fight would determine who got a particular prize, such as who would be the one to marry Winry. Alphonse would win every match, proving that one does not need Alchemy to be a strong fighter.

Perhaps the most important person in his life apart from his brother, is the woman who gave birth to him and raised him, and also the woman who would prove central to his story. that woman was Trisha Elric, Al and Ed's mother. She was someone who Al loved deeply. Trisha was kind, sweet and caring. As the Al and his brother grew older, they saw less and less of their father, until one day he left the family completely. Hoenheim told Trisha that he was going away to do important research, something she to told her son's and that their father would return. Al always hung onto the hope that his father would return, something his older brother did not share. After a while Alphonse and Edward noticed that since their fathers departure.....Trisha had become sad, as shown when she would often sit staring out of the window. To cheer her up the boys studied alchemy more, and would preform what they had learned. This made their mother smile,and be happy. As it reminded her of the talent her husband had, and how it had been passed on to his sons. In fact Alphonse stated that one of their main reasons for studying alchemy was because it made Trisha happy.

Trisha Elric would hide an illness from her boys that would put her near death. Upon finding out about this illness, Alphonse and his brother would constantly be at their mothers side caring for her and watching over her. On her death bed Trisha told her boys about some money she and Honehneim had kept away for the two boys, telling them to use it to take care of themselves. Trisha would soon pass away. The death of Trisha hurt both boys greatly, and they would often visit her grave. It was during one of those visits that the boys first came to the conclusion that they could bring her back, from the books they had read. Alphonse and Ed decided to keep such taboo their own secret from the others around them. All they wanted was to see that familiar smile. After that they devoted their time to studying alchemy more and more, especially that of which is forbidden. The two boys came up with many conclusions as to why it was forbidden and what would happen.

One day the heaviest rainfall in sixty years hit. The river was threatening to overflow, and the dam was near to breaking. Despite the efforts of the locals the potential overflow of water and the impending doom of a flood, was something they could not contain. Alphonse and Ed were also their at the time, and were told to get away, as the others decided that the best idea was moving to high ground. It was then that the brothers first laid eyes on Izumi Curtis. The woman appeared and used alchemy, without a transmutation circle to create a large wall.......One that was able to hold the river, and keep everyone safe. The brothers were shocked by this display of alchemy. A little later on Al and Ed along with some others visited Izumi. They decided that if they were to get better they would need a teacher. They asked Izumi to teach them, something she at first refused. Stating that she does not take on disciples. They were shunned but the brothers never gave up, and harassed her further. When asked why they wanted to learn alchemy. Al was hesitant, while Ed claimed i was to make other lives happy. Upon learning that they were orphans she became more lenient and decided to give them a one month trial.

The boys then left with Izumi to Dublith, for their one month trial. leaving home to further study alchemy and become better at the art in which they believed would bring their mother back. While a sleep on the train, it became clear as to why Izumi decided to take them on. It was because their eyes were full of determination, and they needed a teacher to guide them. They then stopped of at a lake, and got into a boat. The boat was heading to jack island. Izumi dropped the boys on the island, with nothing but a knife and told them that this was no mans land. no houses, and a wild beats everywhere. They were told that they would have to live on the island for one month. They were told that they couldn't use alchemy either. Shocked by what was happening Izumi left by saying One is all, all is one. If they couldn't find the answer to that their training would never begin. Left alone and hungry, Edward was angry, and believed that such a riddle had nothing to do with alchemy. The boys were then attacked on the island, but the monster soon left. Knowing that they needed food, they managed to catch a rabbit. They boys wondered how to eat it, and knew first they should kill it. The boys felt scared at killing the animal, and bickered on who should do it. Soon a  fox took the rabbit to its young. 

The next day, the boys decided on an alternate method, and decided to go fishing. Edward was so hungry he actually wondered if the foxes were edible. Al's response to his brother was to calm down. Eventually they managed to catch their first fish, and start a fire. This was going to be their first meal after being stranded on the island. After cooking the fish, the mysterious monster again attacked them. It even took the fish they had worked so hard on getting. Alphonse angry that something they had worked so hard on getting had been taking away, attacked the figure with a piece of wood. The figure was able to break the wood and knocked Alphonse away. An act that enraged Edward. This went on for many days. Alphonse and Ed would have many successful and unsuccessful attempts at catching food, and would constantly come under attack. The boys became desperate and miserable. Alphonse in one scene even tried to catch a rat. He to wondering what all this had to do with alchemy. Eventually they figured out what one is all all is one meant, and that knowledge helped them greatly. They did not feel sad about killing an animal, as one day they to would be food for the plants and animals around them. Even the constant attacks weren't so scary and were easy to deal with. After the month had passed, they gave their answer, and with that answer they became the pupils of Izumi Curtis. They both realized how precious life was, and also learned that the figure who constantly attacked them was an acquaintance of Izumi.

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