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Where's My Compass?

The exact location of Gotham City is rarely explicitly stated, but one thing that's almost universally agreed on is that it's somewhere on the east coast. Choosing this setting for a story taking place in All-Star WESTERN is odd, but I am totally willing to ignore that because this comic is so good.

We have a murder mystery based on Arthur Conan Doyle's formula with Jonah Hex in the role of Sherlock Holmes and Amadeus Arkham being the narrating Watson. Arkham shares Watson's amazement toward Holmes when he witnesses Hex operate. These two personalities are so opposed to each other than it can't help but be compelling. We get the same great writing of the Jonah Hex series, but with a welcome change. This is as much a fish out of water story as it is a mystery. Watching Hex walk through the city in his dirty Confederate uniform is hilarious.

Even though it's not the west, it's still The West and this does not feel like Hex is in Gotham for the wrong reasons. It's not pandering; it's a new direction and it's great. This is definitely in the top five of the New 52.

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