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The story begins where the previous issue left off; with Superman trapped in a Bizarro World that is sinking into the Underverse and will soon cease to exist.

Superman tries to muster help from the local Bizarros while Zibarro mopes and tries to convince him that it's no use. The Bizarros are idiots.

On Earth's moon, Mister Quintum and Lois Lane monitor the Bizarro World's descent and Quintum reveals to Lois that Superman is dying due to Lex Luthor's machinations in the first issue.

Back on Bizarro World, Superman still isn't having any luck acquiring help and he's progressively getting weaker. Finally, Superman tries using Bizarro-speak and this gets Bizarro and the others' attention. Superman and the Bizarros construct a rocket ship and Bizarro versions of the JLA show up.

Looking over Superman's plans for the rocket, Zibarro notices that there's only room for one. Zibarro begs to go with Superman, but Superman says that he can't risk it. He promises Zibarro that if he makes it back to Earth, he'll find a way to contact him in the Underverse. He also agrees to take a look at Zibarro's writings before he leaves.

The Bizarros take a break from helping Superman to sing the Bizarro national anthem and set Le-Roj(the Bizarro Jor-el) on fire. Superman is now extremely weak and won't last much longer. Zibarro helps Superman up and onto the rocket. Superman tells Zibarro that his writing has a unique quality and to keep it up. Superman finally rockets from the Bizarro World with a little backwards help from Bizarro.

The issue ends with Quintum telling Lois that the Bizarro World has sunk into the Underverse beyond the reach of their instruments... Superman is gone.

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