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The Justice Society Of America converge on Washington D.C. The Justice Society of America are given individual assignments, by the head of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover. The Green Lantern is tasked with investigating radio reception interference, across the United States of America. The Green Lantern battles Nazi saboteurs, operating out of a German dirigible. The saboteurs' leader, the Baron, tries to force a German-American engineer, Krapek, into participating in their acts of sabotage. Krapek sacrifices his life to save the Green Lantern, and defeat the saboteurs. With his dying breath, Krapek names the Nazi spymaster, Fritz Klaver.

The Flash is tasked with opposing Nazi saboteurs in Detroit. After preventing the explosive sinking of the S.S. Liberty, the Flash also learns of Klaver's involvement. The Spectre is tasked with investigating Nazi sabotage at munitions factories, in Pittsburgh. After rooting out the saboteurs, the Spectre also learns of Klaver's involvement. The Hourman is tasked with investigating Nazi sabotage in the oil fields of Oklahoma. After apprehending the saboteurs, the Hourman learns of Klaver's involvement. Doctor Fate is tasked with investigating Nazi sabotage in the Naval Yards, in New England. After rounding up the saboteurs, Doctor Fate interrogates them, learning of Klaver's involvement.

The Sandman is tasked with keeping Nazi saboteurs from putting an American newspaper out of business. After preventing the explosive destruction of the publisher's building, the Sandman receives a message, from Doctor Fate, regarding Klaver. The Hawkman is tasked with investigating aircraft manufacturing sabotage, in Southern California. With the aid of his fiance, Shiera Sanders, the Hawkman overcomes the Nazi saboteurs, learning of Klaver's involvement along the way. The Atom is tasked with investigating Nazi sympathizers bullying students, at a local college. The Atom beats up four German exchange students, who were attacking another student.

Later, the Atom beats up the same four hooligans, in his civilian identity, that of student, Al Pratt. When Pratt learns that the German students are planning to murder him, Pratt confronts them a third time, as the Atom. After beating them up once last time, the Atom destroys their meeting house, "The Fatherland Club". The Atom intercepts a radio communication from Klaver, regarding the Justice Society of America's spy smashing activities. The Atom confronts Klaver, only to be taken prisoner, at gunpoint. Klaver gives the order to fire. At that same moment, Johnny Thunder inadvertently summons his mystic Thunderbolt.

Thunder, feeling left out of the Justice Society of America's current case, wishes to see if any of the team in in trouble. The Thunderbolt reveals the Atom's imminent execution. Thunder, wishing he could help, suddenly finds himself standing next to the Atom. Thunder, too, is taken prisoner. Before the Atom, and Thunder, can be executed, the Justice Society of America storm Klaver's compound. Klaver's forces are defeated by the Justice Society of America. Klaver attempts to destroy his house, only to be thwarted by Doctor Fate. Thunder inadvertently wishes that Klaver, his minions, and his entire house could be brought to Washington D.C. The Thunderbolt delivers them all to Hoover's doorstep. Hoover thanks the Justice Society of America for their service.

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