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Huntress and Flash go up against the Sportsmaster and Helena's evil namesake counterpart.

In a Keystone City hospital, Wildcat lies at death's door. In Gotham City, the Huntress battles against the Golden Age Huntress. Stalked through the darkened rooms of the Justice Society of America's headquarters, the Huntress has to avoid multiple traps, while staying one step ahead of her evil namesake. An opportunity arises for the Huntress to go on the offensive, allowing her to strike against the Golden Age Huntress. The two women grapple for several moments. When the Huntress begins choking the life out of her namesake, the elder woman surrenders. Only for a moment, however, as she quickly turns the tables on the Huntress, imprisoning her within a glass cage. The Justice Society of America, gathered around Wildcat's comatose form, grow increasingly unsettled by the Huntress' long absence. The Golden Age Green Lantern creates a ring-generated monitor, and discovers the Huntress' peril. Immediately, he departs for Gotham City.

On a strange alien world, Doctor Fate and the Golden Age Hawkman are brought before the Master Summoner. Power Girl and the Golden Age Flash scour the city for some sign of the Thorn. When Power Girl's super-hearing picks up the Thorn's laughter from across town, the Golden Age Flash makes a beeline for his own home. He finds the Thorn threatening to murder his wife, Joan Garrick. Before the two heroes can enter the Garrick household, they are attacked by the Sportsmaster. The Golden Age Flash is ensnared in an electrified soccer net, while Power Girl is assailed by exploding soccer balls. With strength fueled by desperation, the Golden Age Flash breaks free and tackles the Thorn. At the hospital, doctors have countered the Thorn's poison in Wildcat's system. Patiently they wait for the Huntress to return with the Icicle's weapon, to treat Wildcat's brain injury.

The Golden Age Green Lantern frees the Huntress, then goes after the Golden Age Huntress. Tricked by a decoy, the Golden Age Green Lantern is gassed into unconsciousness. Once more the two Huntresses square off against one another. From a floating roulette wheel, the Sportsmanster hurls razor-sharp cards at Power Girl. Power Girl fells the Sportsmaster with a well-thrown rock. The Thorn begins spinning at super-speed. The Golden Age Flash takes out the Thorn's minions, then races past the Thorn, dragging her along in his wake. With a well-placed crossbow bolt, the Huntress ensnares the Golden Age Huntress in one of the villainess' own traps. Reviving the Golden Age Green Lantern, the two heroes return to Keystone City. Watching from the observation room, the Justice Society of America are informed that Wildcat's surgery was successful.

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