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The race to save Dr. Fate continues as the Justice Society battles against Zanadu, who still holds captive Shiera Hall. To make matters worse, the Fiddler unleashes Solomon Grundy on Wildcat!

Enthralled by the Fiddler's music, Wildcat beats the Golden Age Hawkman to death. The Fiddler ceases playing, releasing Wildcat from his hold. The realization of his actions under the Fiddler's control enrage Wildcat. With strength driven by fury, Wildcat begins savagely beating the Fiddler. Only the intervention of Solomon Grundy saves the Fiddler's life. Wildcat's toughest blows are completely ineffectual against Solomon Grundy's hide. Solomon Grundy is about to crush Wildcat beneath an enormous crate, when Power Girl disarms him. Power Girl and the Golden Age Superman carry Solomon Grundy out over an active volcano, then drop him. The Golden Age Hawkman recovers, having merely been beaten into unconsciousness. The diversion with the Injustice Society, though, has given Zanadu the chance to escape, still holding Shiera Sanders as his hostage.

In Egypt, the Golden Age Green Lantern and the Golden Age Flash desperately search for a solution that will save the life of Kent Nelson. Spying the silhouette of a man riding a winged horse, against the sun, the pair decide to investigate. On the verge of exhaustion, the Star=Spangled Kid can no longer channel the energies of the cosmic rod into Kent Nelson's body. As soon as the flow of power ebbs, Nelson dies. Hourman and Doctor Mid-Nite take Nelson's death particularly hard. They have little time to grieve, however, as a radio bulletin alerts them to the presence of Zanadu, hovering in the sky over the city. Hourman and the Star-Spangled Kid race out to engage the ancient Lemurian sorcerer. Focusing the power of the cosmic rod through Hourman's super charged cells, allows the Star-Spangled Kid to blast Zanadu with incredible force. Zanadu is at first able to repel the attack, but the Star-Spangled Kid redirects Zanadu's power back at him.

Zanadu falls from the sky, crashing down into the Justice Society of America's headquarters. Zanadu begins marshaling his chaos magic for one decisive killing blow. The intense build up of magic power shocks Nelson's body back to life. As if in a trance, Nelson directs his own magic power at Zanadu, canceling out the Lemurian's chaos magic in a violent explosion. As Zanadu rises to his feet, he finds himself surrounded by the Justice Society of America. Once again Zanadu draws upon his chaos magic. Just as his power reaches it's crescendo, Zanadu finds himself, once more, encased in an amber block, this time courtesy of Doctor Fate. With the crisis over, the Golden Age Superman formally resigns from the Justice Society of America. The now retired Man of Steel nominates his cousin, Power Girl, to take his place on the team's roster. Meanwhile, the Icicle gathers the remaining membership of the Injustice Society, to outline their next offensive against the Justice Society of America. An attack plan that starts with the elimination of Hourman.

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