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There have been many but they were the 1st

By The Angry Comic Book Critic

     Hello everyone and welcome to another Golden Age Review. Today super teams are common place I mean you've got the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Justice League, The Teen Titans and the Green Lantern Corps. just to name a few but, back in the golden age there were no teams no gathering of heroes to face a common threat it was all solo heroes that didn't give the slightest inkling that they were apart of a larger world not until this landmark issue in comic history. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the world’s very first super team The Justice Society of America.
      1940 was a year of dramatic change in the way things were done in the world of comics for the 1st time ever some of the days biggest heroes came together. Green Lantern, Dr. Fate, Hawk man, Hour man, Flash, Sandman, Spectre and the Atom created the Society but what huge earth shattering enemy threat did the have to face? Was Darksied some alien invasion a competing team of villains? No it was nothing. I'm serious at no point in this issue do the characters fight any criminals together. What they do is have dinner while discussing there latest adventures…real exciting. Flash starts with his tale of how he recovered treasure from a sunken ship of the coast of Panama to help a girl’s father who was being harassed by competing salvage-rs. The Flash defeats them by sending them to the arctic and stealing there equipment…our hero ladies and gentlemen. Next Hawk man tells the group of one of his strangest adventures where he faces the Fire people of Krakatoa with the future Hawk Girl. The artwork is pretty good with a little more attention to detail then some of the other golden age books I've reviewed. Now this book only warrants three star because to be honest it's to long like 77 page and the stories aren't interesting enough to hold my interest for that long it took two or three days to get through this book it's not bad but it takes will to push on through to end cause there really is no central story and considering who these characters are I kinda wanted to see them work together fighting a common enemy not just a sit around and tell individual stories. 
       I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this one gets the stamp of approval. Not bad for a 1st try at a super team but they had a long way to go.

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