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All-New Review

All New X-men continues to struggle with its sloooooooow pacing, as it becomes more apparent that Bendis wants the focus of ANX to be on interaction between the original five and the present day world of their older counterparts than focusing on an equal focus on plot and character. You have heard in many reviews of how Bendis has a knack for dialogue and creating nice moments, and that continues here from Beast's perspective on the importance for why the original five are really here- when telling young Angel- to the double page spread of some beautiful drawn and colored sentinels descending upon Times Square. But the slow pace in this issue, and in regards to the series so far in general, is really starting to become an annoyance to the point where it is questionable whether I should tell anyone interested in the x-men to immediately pick this up. Yeah, I liked the scenes with Mystique and the fact that Jean is coming across as a scary a-hole- particularly to Scott- and the Immonen's art is phenomenal, but overall it feels like I read half of an issue. Its like going to a restaurant and only able to eat the appetizers- yeah it's nice, but I am still hungry and waiting for the main course.

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