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Brief History

Alexandria, or Alex, was the girlfriend of a scientist whom, by accident, let loose the creature known as ZZZAX. The monster absorbed Alexandria's boyfriend almost imideately, but also gained his feelings for Alex. This made it so that the creature started haunting Alex. Only the timely intervention of the Hulk saved her and a good friend of her, scientist Mark Revel. A few months later, Alex was part of a train disaster, but was saved by Luke Cage, Power Man. While in her appartement with Luke Cage, ZZZAX returned to haunt Alex once more. Luckily Luke Cage managed to track down and defeat the monster with the help of Mark Revel, whom had an invetion that located the monster. Mark however did not survive the battle. Moments before the monster was destroyed, it killed Mark. Alex was left saddened and alone, feeling that the only two people she had loved where now dead.

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