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Very little is known about Alex Wildman. At some point, he began hearing many voices in his head demanding the Hulk's death. Desperate to shut off the voices, Alex joined two young women, Meg and Stacy, in driving to New York to see the aftermath of Onslaught's battle with numerous superheroes, including the Hulk. Along the way, Wildman tried to talk to the Hulk's wife, Betty Banner, about the voices but she brushed him off. The voices started in Alex's head, sending him into frenzy. He attacked a group of soldiers, ranting the entire time. As more soldiers surrounded him, Alex was struck by lightning, rendering him unconscious. Sent to an asylum; Alex, apparently empowered by the lightning strike, escaped and made his way to Los Angeles, where he tracked down the Hulk and Janis Jones in a theme park. Wild Man attacked the Hulk, using various super-powers to counter the brute's strength. Enraged, the Hulk slammed Wild Man into the ground before being transported away by Dr. Strange. When Wild Man recovered, he found that his powers and the voices were gone. Wildman’s current whereabouts are unrevealed. 

Powers and Abilities

Wild Man's abilities included invisibility, intangibility, elasticity, superhuman strength, shrinking, and firing powerful energy bursts from his hands.

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