1. Roots of the Swamp Thing (House of Secrets + Swamp Thing vol1)
  2. The secret of Swamp Thing (Swamp Thing vol1)
  3. Alan Moore's run (Swamp Thing vol2)
    1. Saga of the Swamp Thing - This one at least
    2. Love and Death
    3. The Curse
    4. A Murder of Crows
    5. Earth to Earth
    6. Reunion
    7. Genesis
    8. Spontanious Generation
    9. Infernal Triangles
  4. Swamp Things: Roots
  5. Bad Seed + Love in Vain + Healing the Breach (Swamp Thing vol4)
  6. Scott Snyder's run (Swamp Thing vol5)
    1. Swamp Thing Deluxe
    2. or Swamp Thing: New52 vol 1+2+3
  7. Charles Soule's Run (Swamp Thing vol5)
    1. Swamp Thing: New52 vol 4+5+6+7
  8. Upcoming Swamp Thing vol6 tpb

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