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693225 SodamYat Character Overview 04/15/15 03:00PM 61 Approved
689602 SodamYat Character Overview 04/09/15 02:35PM 116 Approved
506443 TacticalSandwich Character Overview just minor grammar edits 08/13/14 12:23PM 1 Approved
504508 beatboks1 Character Overview some powers of the starheart possessed Alan not present and there is no power listed for starheart as an oject 08/10/14 08:08PM 17 Approved
421467 Van_Cere Character Overview 04/30/14 04:23AM 1 Approved
421444 Van_Cere Character Overview braidbrair lol 04/29/14 11:48PM 1 Approved
387938 Baronschmidt Character Overview Alan Scott's 1st appearance is All-American Comics #16. Not All-Star Comics #1 03/13/14 01:34PM 1 Denied
363234 Butterguy Character Overview 02/09/14 03:03PM 3 Approved
311298 Butterguy Character Overview I believe that Alan Scott's new sexual preference is very important for readers to know 12/23/13 07:19AM 16 Approved
293915 SwampPing Character Overview Updated his most recent history 12/03/13 11:52PM 53 Approved
281094 SwampPing Character Overview Updated current events just a little bit 11/18/13 08:22PM 14 Approved
257817 CrazyScarecrow Character Overview 10/23/13 09:31PM 93 Approved
168083 Darkside_of_the_Sun Character Overview 07/30/13 05:40AM 1 Approved
136965 turoksonofstone Character Overview 07/03/13 08:56PM 11 Approved
5314 joeagentofhand1 Character Overview 03/30/13 02:42PM 1 Approved
5044 joeagentofhand1 Character Overview 03/30/13 11:28AM 37 Approved
5030 joeagentofhand1 Character Overview 03/30/13 11:15AM 48 Approved

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