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Milton the Masked Martian (a Superman parody) leads this volume, followed by a super-sexy Sunday with Marilyn Monroe in every panel --- and as only Frank Frazetta could draw her! Other highlights include...Al Capp's legendary parody of busybody "Mary Worm" led "Mary Worth" creator Allan Saunders to reciprocate, casting Capp as a drunken and loutish cartoonist in his own daily strip! The ruckus made a national scene, including Time magazine.

Others skewered are gay pianist Liberace (Loverboynik), bald actor Yul Brynner (Errol Skinn), voluptuous actress Jayne Mansfield (Jayne Cornfield), and film producer Howard Hughes vs. actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly (supplanted here by Daisy Mae Yokum) marrying the Prince of Monte Carload. Burlesque aside, Capp's politics in the '50s were very progressive, as underscored by his prescient strip on race relations, created immediately after Rosa Parks refused to give up her Birmingham bus seat. What happens when new neighbors with (gulp!) square eyes move into redneck Dogpatch?!

Appearances by Evil-Eye Fleegle (with his powerful triple decker whammy), Hairless Joe and Lonesome Polecat, Moonbeam McSwine (who prefers the company of pigs to men) and über-capitalist General Bullmoose (whose story here is swiped years later as the film Trading Places).    







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