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Airachnid first appeared in the Transformers Prime episode Predatory and made her first comic appearance in Transformers Prime Transformers: Prime #18 - Power Outage.

Transformers: Prime


During the war for Cybertron, Airachnid managed to capture Arcee and her partner Tailgate. After realizing that Arcee would resist the physical torture,she decides to threaten Tailgate with death if she does not tell her the attack coordinates of an impending Autobot attack. Arcee insisted she didn't know the coordinates, but Airachnid did not believe her and killed Tailgate.

During the hunt!
During the hunt!

Years later after the war was over Ariachnid leaves the Decepticons to become a sentient species hunter. She one day crash lands on Earth, she encounters a lone camper which turns out to be Jack Darby, but before she gets the chance to kill him, Airachnid gets ambushed by Arcee.

Throughout the fight Arcee has the upper hand until she gets distracted by Jack, which Ariachnid takes advantage of and webs her to a rock. After revealing why she's on Earth to Arcee, Arcee realizes how much danger Jack's in. After deciding to hunt Jack and make him one of her trophies, she finds him next to her ship, she finds Jack just in time to see him throw a flaming stick into the leaking Energon coming out of her ship.

After barely surviving the explosion she finds and webs Jack to a tree mocking him before she makes the killing blow, but just before she delivers the final blow Arcee arrives and nearly kills her, deciding to flee and live another day she drills into the floor and escapes.


After discovering the existence of M.E.C.H and their treatment of Breakdown, Ariachnid decides to create a distress signal to lure Silas to a forest, they make a deal that Silas gets the remains of Arcee if he delivers Jack to her. After Silas discovers the location of Jack's mother June, Ariachnid finds her and kidnaps her and leaves her dangling in the middle of a factory building, after Jack arrives to save his mother, she gives him six minutes to find and rescue her.

Ariachnid's vehicle form
Ariachnid's vehicle form

Once Jack found June, Ariachnid changes her mind about letting them go and webs Jack up net to his mother, but just before she gets the chance to kill him Arcee saves him, but Ariachnid was prepared this time and nearly kills Arcee, but is saved by Agent Fowler's helicopters, she scanned one of them and escaped once more.

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