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Coulson's light in the darkness, Ward's light into darkness!

Agent Ward is a Hydra spy! Instructed with killing his former teammates and getting information out of Skye. You might say that Ward has to make some tough decisions extremely soon; the question is, does he find them to be tough decisions? Also, Agent Coulson, Fitz, Simmons, and Triplet go on a mission to help an old friend of Coulson's.

In this episode's story, Coulson, Fitz, Simmons, and Triplet go after a man that absorbs electricity. This man is going after Coulson's cellist girlfriend, Audrey Nathan, because he considers her his "only light in the darkness" (thus the name of the episode). While Coulson and company try to protect her, meanwhile back at the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base Ward is moving closer-and-closer to his plans of getting rid of his teammates and getting Skye's help to further Hydra's plans!

Coulson checks on his Audrey after a intense battle with an electric villain.
Coulson checks on his Audrey after a intense battle with an electric villain.

This was a really good episode. We finally get to see Coulson's girlfriend that was teased many episodes ago, and it all fits pretty well with the story! I think the reason "why" this episode worked so well; is that we finally get to see a part of Coulson's life. Coulson has been very vague about his life so far, so anything that gives us a look at what it used to look like before all of this crazy Hydra stuff (and even before The Avengers) is a nice add. It strengthens the character's like ability as well creates the grounds for more character development in the near future.

However, I think a major highlight of this episode will be about Agent Ward. Ward is left at the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker after he "supposedly" killed the double agent, Garret, and suffered some intense battle wounds; he's left with Skye, Agent Eric Koenig, and Agent May. Agent May leaves early on; solely because she believes that Coulson will never trust her again so this just leaves Skye, Ward, and Koenig at the bunker. This creates the grounds for him to recollect on his past of having to brutally beat up his brother and how his family was totally cruel. He goes on to explain that he isn't "a good man", which in this case he really isn't. It was a touching moment between him and Skye, but that all gets interrupted when she finds out that Ward is with Hydra and has killed Agent Eric Koening (Patton Oswalt's character).

Agent Ward has to take a test to prove whether or not he's Hydra.
Agent Ward has to take a test to prove whether or not he's Hydra.

The best part about this is that Skye is the only one that knows the secret, and Ward is totally clueless. The conversation between Skye and Ward was really incredible and it showed me something that should, and possibly could, happen in the rest of this series. Skye is more than likely going to try to convert Ward back to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s side, that's obvious, however Ward does NOT need to become good. Agent Ward needs to stay on this path of being a Hydra agent and shouldn't get redemption in the end. Ward has said before that he "doesn't care for" his team, so if he ends up getting redemption for his actions by turning good or sacrificing his life; it would throw away all the great development that has happened since Ward's revelation of being Hydra.

For once in this series, Ward has become one of the most interesting characters created. It's shown that his character has many layers to him, but the bottom layer will forever be evil. He has a messed up origin story, we found that out in this episode, so no matter what his ex-partners could do; he'll still be evil in the end. Hopefully the creative minds behind this show know that they have an ace in the deck and continue to play with it. It would create the grounds to show us (viewers) that not everyone will have a happy beginning or an ending; I dare say that it might be the ONE thing that saves this show and gives it the green light for a second season.

That is this week's episode and I can only hope that it ends well. 5 out of 5. Did you like this week's episode?

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