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“The End and the Beginning of a New Age of Apocalypse” – Age of Apocalypse #14 Review


This is the first time I have read an Age of Apocalypse issue. So bare with me and say anything I don’t quite understand. I always knew about the AOA characters and I always like the designs. So, I feel some interest in them. I just never got the chance. I even felt really disappointed when Wolverine and The X-Men cartoon got cancelled, because it was another missed opportunity to get to know them. The only chance I had was in Uncanny X-Force. I actually liked the characters in there and it felt very interesting in how they interacted. So, it’s great to have the opportunity here.


The teams are split in 2 or 3 teams to stop the two villains from destroying and fighting each other and everything that is around them while Dazzler’s team finally found the apocalypse seed to change or fix the holes of the universes. But when they obtain the seed Jean Grey and Nightcrawler tries to steal the seed for their own obtain. Then Dark Beast tries to steal back the seed from them. Meanwhile the Prophet gets killed from the New Apocalypse.

The Good

I honestly didn’t like issue to tell you the truth. The only good thing I found in this issue is the characters designs and personalities or the dynamics they have between them. They had interesting dialogue and wish they could have interacted a bit more. It just feels really natural. Other than that everything was okay.

The Bad

The pacing in this issue wasn’t really good. It felt really sloppy and just couldn’t mesh the action together. It would just jump from one character to another that you would get lost in what really going on. There just wasn’t any focus on the characters. I honestly think should have just focus on Dazzler’s team alone. I felt this team alone had more conflict and interesting interactions. The action felt misplaced and unorganized. It was like was watching a bad editing from a film. The teams were barely even fighting at all. It looked like they were pretty much watching the two enemies fight. Hercules death in this issue was presented really badly as well. You don’t really get to see him die. He just gets shot and Kurt Waggoner is left to teleport with him letting him die. It just seemed strange how everyone didn’t have any emotion, forgot or didn’t care he died. It even felt strange for his boyfriend James Howlett from X-Terme X-Men didn’t even care. I kind of wish he stayed alive for a post appearance in X-Termination, because it could brought an interesting dynamic of seeing this relationship grow. The art was also really bad. It was just sloppy and badly drawn. The only time I felt the drawing was good was with Dazzler’s team. So the art felt out of place in there.

The Verdict

I think this issue deserves a 6.5/2 ½. It really has the potential with good characters and conflict. It just wasn’t executed well here with the action and dialogue thrown back and forth at each other. Maybe this is why this series is getting cancelled which sucks because these characters are very interesting. Maybe some will be kept for X-Termination perhaps? I really hope that series turns out to be good with these amazing characters.

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