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Aeish is a witch inhabiting another world that holds some mystic power that not even she understands. This power augments her own. She seems to mainly focus on controlling men and has a cadre of man-slaves to do her bidding. Her transportation consists of large cats.


Written by Nick Vince and drawn by Dave Taylor.

Major Story Arcs

Inhabiting a magic world, Aeish is immediately alerted to the presence of two teams that have recently arrived: the Warheads and X-Force. Aeish arrives and takes the Warheads captive while leaving X-Force to fight some jumbo-sized cats. Aeish has no problem subduing the men and making them her slaves - this world seems to make them reckless. The women, however, she has to chain up in her chambers. She confronts Stacy about a latent magical power the girl seems to have. The two relive a long-suppressed memory that seems to shake the old witch. She decides to leave and takes her men-slaves with her.

They rejoin X-Force and she has the Warheads men fight with Cable's crew. The fight is short-lived, however, when Aeish starts having daughters birthed from her neck. Her hold over the men is compromised and Cable is able to get his team back home through a wormhole. With two kids out and a third staying put, Aeish regains control over the Warheads men and takes them back to her chambers. She finds that Leona has freed the girls and a brief battle ensues. Aeish sees that she is over-matched and tries to birth her third and final daughter. Once the child is out the four will be invincible. Stacy is prompted to use her magic. She does so and bloodily splits the daughters in half. Aeish sees she is done-for and tries to create a wormhole for herself. She is vanishing through one when Leona manages to snatch the witch's wand. Aeish then disappears with no way to return for retaliation.

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