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Starman Eclipses the Sun, script by Gardner F. Fox, pencils by Jack Burnley, inks by Jack Burnley and Ray Burnley [backgrounds]; Starman faces a dire threat from the Moroni Gang, now out-fitted with fantastic weapons and a rocketship, as they take on the personnas of the Sun and some of the orbiting satellites which line up with the names and weapons they have chosen. The Million Dollar Orphan starring The Hourman, art by Bernard Baily. The Origin of Tarsi the Tiger Boy starring Steve Conrad, Adventurer, script and art by Jack Lehti. Three Badmen on a Horse starring The Shining Knight, script by Henry Lynne Perkins, art by Louis Cazeneuve.

"The Legend Of The Silent Bear"

Paul Kirk, famous big game hunter and sportsman, is vacationing at the lake, with the family of his friend, George. George's two sons, Timmy and Tommy, head off into the woods to hunt for bear. Vaulting the wall of the Raspp estate, the two boys close on the lifelike metal statue of a bear. As they take aim on the "bear", they witness, through their rifle scopes, a man placing his hand in the statue's mouth. The man screams. Pulling his hand away, the boys see a miniature bear trap clamped around the man's hand. The man flees. The boys shoot the bear statue, causing a hidden door to open in the bear's chest. Ben Raspp appears, and chases the boys off his property. The boys recount the tale to their father. KIrk decides to investigate the matter further, as the Manhunter. As the Manhunter approaches Raspp's estate he hears a gunshot. The Manhunter discovers Raspp murdered. Spotting the likely killers, Manhunter leaps down upon them. Though he isn't hit directly, one gunshot goes off near enough for the exploding gunpowder to blind the Manhunter. The murderer's flee, while the Manhunter blindly gropes his way back through the woods. At dawn, a recovering Manhunter is discovered by Boy Scout, Jimmy Jones. The young boy uses his own tracking skills to lead the Manhunter to the murderers, who have holed up in a cave. Once more the Manhunter engages the killers in a round of fisticuffs, this time triumphing over the lot of them. The lead killer turns out to be Raspp's nephew, Harry, who sought his Uncle's fortune to pay off gambling debts. Manhunter locates the money inside the bear statue. As per Raspp's wishes, his fortune is donated to charity. In appreciation for Jones' help in aiding the Manhunter, Kirk donates a new clubhouse and campsite to Jones' Boy Scout troop.

Mr. Noah Raids the Town starring The Sandman, script and pencils by Jack Kirby.

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