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Clark... Where'd you find these kids? they're even clumsier than

 So in Adventure comics #518 we were re-introduced to Zaryan the war lord during the early days of the legion of super-heroes and superboy. The last issue revolved around Dream girl having a vision of a darkness that would soon fall on the legion, and using her poweres to scare superboy into returning to the past. 
So Adventure comics#519 has 2 stories, the first starts with Chamelean-boy, Shrinking Violet and Invisible Kid infultrating one of Zaryan's robot transporters with chameleon boy claming that with their 3 powers they make the best espionage squad. But as soon as they start exploring the transport they get into some trouble by activationg the robots. Chamelion boy and Violet are able to take out the robots, chritisizing it's Rimbos construction and soon find the bridge with Zaryon ( and his freez ray ). 
The second story, which changes between the first one, involves Braniac 5, Saturn Girl, Cosmic boy and Lightning Lad going back to Superboy's time as it is imperitive that they stay there for the next 14.4 hours. So they decide to spend there time in the late 20th century with Clark experiancing natural weather ( and riding a tornado as every kid did back in the 80's/90's :P ) building a barn, and doing smallvill things. But once the 14.4 hours are up it's seen why Brainy took them there.  
In conclusion Adventure Comics #519 isn't a bad read for legion fans and is kind of nice. The Espionage story is set up to show us the macguffin that Zaryan is known for using in a previous ( yet veeeeeary early ) Adventure Comics issue and will use again next issue ( if the title of 520 is acurate ). The smallville sotry is kind of ment to be a "fish out of water" story with Cos, Sat, LL and Brainy spending time in Clarks time for a period of time, and blenfinf in, rather than the other way round as well as being a fan-boy trip for brainy with his check list of theings to do in the 20th centurey like "Help a barn raising" and "Meet the kents".  The artwork inside is really nice, though if you didn't notice that the cover art was drawn by Scott Clark and David Beaty you might be wondering why Braniac 5 looks soooo much younger and child like on the inside. The charactes seem ( in my opinion ) as if they were missing some sort of artistic detail, yet still look very good and very young as the Adventure comics run of Legion is ment to ( plus the buy is almost fully worth it to see Clarks face drawn up close which makes him look like harry potter, and Brainy eating cake with the Kents). It ends in a cheesy "they all laughed at an inside joke" way, buy it was deserved and necessary. 
For thoes of you wanting to know anything about the Atom second feature, i didnt read it. I'm not a big fan of the atom and if i did read it and tried to write about it i might not have given the character of the second feature in general the justice and necessary responce that it deserves. so Atom fans i am very sorry ( pleas dont hurrl stones at me........ they hurt very much )  
So i gave Adventure comics #519 a 3.5/5. It was a nice story with good art, and really is a nice piece to have, but for some reason it seamed to me as though it could have had more in one of the aspects, yet at the moment i dont know where. Once again i think that legion sotries are quite hard to get into for new readers ( esspecialy as their stories in theadventure comics run dont seem to follow a linier pattern ) yet this one was quite new reader friendly with the smallvill plot being a self contained one and allowing them to jump into the espionage plot with a villain who's main impact on the legion is going to be repeated next issue. A good read, not the best, but just missing something. 

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