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When Mera falls ill, Aquaman heads to Atlantis for a doctor but is sidetracked by the Scavenger. Later, Starman takes the battle back to the homeworld-but can Oswin be removed from the throne? Then, Plastic Man is back in "Don't Get Mad, Get Even."

Despite its two regular features, Adventure Comics was in need of a main attraction. While both of its current stories - surrounding Starman and Plastic Man - were popular with the readers, neither told the type of traditional super hero adventure that many comic fans enjoyed. With issue #475, fan favorite Aquaman was added to the lineup and his first installment was written by J.M. Dematteis and illustrated by Dick Giordano.

Combined with the continued adventures of Starman by Martin Pasko and Joe Staton, the appearance of Aquaman meant the chameleon title known as Adventure Comics once again changed to match its environment.

The Aquaman story began a new chapter in the life of the ex king of Atlantis called "Scavenger Hunt!" Mera is ill and Aquaman swims to Atlantis to get Dr. Vulko. On the way his old pet and friend Topo the Octopus shows Aquaman the Atlantean Machinery that is needed to rescue Atlena and prominent U.S. politicians. (Flashback to World's Finest Comics #262). Topo called on the Sea King because it was old foe, the Scavenger who was trying to steal the machinery. Aquaman defeats his nemesis but out of spite, Scavenger destroys the Atlantean Machinery. Aquaman then rushes back to Mera and when he arrives back at New Venice she is missing.

Starman's saga continues in "Battle Joined!".

Plastic Man battles the crook even Steven and his cohort Meg Lamania, in a casino caper that takes him and Woozy Winks to Italy.

  1. "Scavenger Hunt!" (Aquaman) written by J. M. DeMatteis, penciled and inked by Dick Giordano, lettered by John Costanza and colored by Adrienne Roy.
  2. "In Battle Joined!" (Starman) written by Paul Levitz, penciled by Steve Ditko, inked by Romeo Tanghal, lettered by Gaspar and colored by Adrienne Roy.
  3. "Don't Get Mad, Get Even" (Plastic Man) written by Martin Pasko, penciled by Jpe Staton, inked by Bob Smith, lettered by John Costanza and colored by Adrienne Roy.

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