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Supergirl flies to Superboy's time to see if she can protect her identity and prove to Superman she's ready to be revealed to the world.

Aqualad Goes To School!

Aquaman enrolls Aqualad in school. The principal, Mister Tracy, places Aqualad in Miss Pine's class. Aqualad will spend two weeks in Pine's class, to determine his academic knowledge. The children are astounded by Aqualad's vast knowledge of the oceans. They are even more amazed at Aqualad's aquatic stunts, during recess. Pine secretly quizzes Aqualad, on the upcoming test questions. Aqualad gets a perfect score. The next morning, Aqualad suffers a blow to the head, rescuing a young sailor.

Aquaman asks to have the test postponed until Aqualad fully recovers. Principal Tracy refuses. Knowing that Aqualad already answered the test questions correctly, during Pine's review, Aquaman conspires to assist with Aqualad's memory. Standing outside the classroom, Aquaman uses his telepathic abilities to command the fish of the sea to assist Aqualad. With the fish providing him with visual clues to the test answers, Aqualad aces the test. Aqualad is formally enrolled in PIne's class, as a regular student.

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