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  1. The Great Hobby Contest (Superboy)
  2. Shades Of John Paul Jones (Aquaman)
  3. Menace Of The Crimson Arrow (Green Arrow, Speedy)
  4. The Saga Of A Sword (Shining Knight)
  5. The 9th Wonder Of The World (Johnny Quick, Tubby Watts)
    Famed cartoonist, Mel Mitchum, promises to draw the children, from a hospital ward, in his next issue of "Eighth Wonder Comics". The night the issue is to go to press, an explosive detonates, burning the production offices to the ground. The explosion turns out to merely be a distraction, to hide a robbery at an adjoining property. Johnny Quick thwarts the robbery, but is forced to let the thieves escape, while he rescues Mitchum from the fire.
    Mitchum had tried to save the printing plates, in order to get the next issue of "Eighth Wonder Comics" published, for the children. With his hands badly burned, Mitchum is not able to draw new pages. Johnny Quick takes over for Mitchum, learning Mitchum's drawing style at super-human speed. In virtually no time, Johnny Quick has completely penciled, inked and lettered the issue. At a nearby engraving plant, Johnny Quick follows through on the procedure to get the comic printed.
    After having finally figured out a clue they left behind, Johnny Quick takes a moment out to round up the thieves. Johnny Quick single-handedly prints the entire run of the next issue of "Eighth Wonder Comics", then hand colors every issue. After personally binding the issues, Johnny Quick delivers them to every newsstand in the city. The next morning, the children are overjoyed to see themselves in the pages of their favorite comic book. Sadly, Johnny Quick is unable to procure a copy of the book for himself, as it quickly sells out.

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