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Cosmic history

Hey fans, I picked this up Detroit Fanfare last year . They had a hallway filled with take them comics this was indeed one of them.I wasn't sure until I read it if it was a re-telling of the original story or the reprint of the actual story. I was glad it was the reprint.I love comics, I love the history and original stories and if I had the mony for the original I would but I cherish this. It also reminds me of the short lived Superboy Legion cartoon I enjoyed season 1 the second season I don't remember.  
The story starts as Clark Kent walks down the street when an unknown boy says hello Superboy ( later in a few panels known as Lightning Lad). Clark changes into Superboy and is greeted by another boy and a girl(Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl). The 3 then introduce themselfs and tell SB their from the future and they want to make him a member of their club and that he is to be the greatest hero of all time and all 4 go in a time bubble to the 30 century. 
Once there the Legion give SB a tour  of future Smallville and a snack of Martian Ice-cream,Ma and Pa kents house preserved and a classroom teaching how SB did his stuff thru a robot who broke down and the teacher isn't fazed by the fact the real SB is indeed there( I found this funny).So they all return to the Legion headquarters and to be a member SB has to beat 3 of them with his super powers if he can.So he goes up against Saturn Girl tohelp retrieve a statue but SB is twarted by the robot SB running loose. Cosmic boy is next with a crashed jet starting a forest fire but alas Supes is deterred by an old satellite falling back into the atmosphere.Next up is Lightning Lad and the NOVA Express heading for Mars with a leaky fuel tank. Yes SB is stalled yet again as the invisible eagle of Neptune escapes from a interplanetary zoo. 
So Superboy fails.In a twist of fate the 3 Legion members the tell Superboy they goofed on him, which at this point I'm not liking this initiation they're brats.So after all this he is welcomed into the club. There then is a heating tower ready to topple over and this time our Superboy gets the job done using his brains and wits all is ok for now. 
The second story follows a dead Oan known as Scar reading the book of Black . It is a quick story of Lex Luthortrying to use Braniac so he could control him and his ship. Braniac then has other ideas and tells Lex they are teaming together. That's when Scar delves deeper and realizes the Superboy the Conner kent a.k.a. the clone of Superman and Luthor might be back from the dead and save Lex from Braniac, Superman and himself. 
 So for a frrbie and a repring I can't complain. Thesecond story is getting everyone ready for Blackest night. I"m not too crazy about the way the Legion treated Superboy it's like hazing for superheroes. It's a fun story anyway and if you can get this or a reprint of this go right ahead for history sakes.

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