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After crashing on Earth and unaware of his own past, Adam-X began working for industrialist, Martin Strong helping bring mutants to a Strong Industries plant where, ostensibly he would give them shelter. In exchange, Strong promises to help Adam-X regain his identity. During this time, Adam-X develops a close friendship with fellow mutant Michelle Balters, also known as Neurotap.


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Adam X was created by Fabian Nicieza, Greg Capullo and Jeff Johnson and first appeared in X-Force Annual issue 2 (1993). Adam X or 'X-Treme' was intended to be the third Summers brother. Adam-X's mother was suposed to be Katherine Summers who was abducted by D'Ken, the Shi'ar emperor, his father. Erik The Red revealed to X-Treme that he was the heir to D'Ken's Shi'ar throne. After his mother was murdered by D'Ken, Adam-X was raised by a farmer named Jonath on the planet Ch'reesharaa. This planed origin was however forgotten when the writer of the series, whom introduced Adam X, left the series and the character before he could reveal that Adam was the third Summers brother, and so it was retconned. This means that Adam X has no ties to the X-men Cyclops or Havok and the third Summers brother has been revealed to be Vulcan.

Major Story Arcs

On Earth

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Unbeknownst to Adam-X, Strong Industries was, in actuality, funded by Project: Wideawake to develop a means to exterminate the “X” gene that makes mutants. Discovering the truth, Balters flees from Strong Industries. Adam-X was sent to bring her back in.

X-Force had already begun investigating Strong's activities when they cross paths with Balters. X-Force attempts to preserve Balters' freedom but they are momentarily incapacitated by Adam-X's mutant ability. Balters is able to escape with X-Force and provide them with information about Strong.

Although initially meeting as adversaries, Adam-X and X-Force eventually join together to combat Martin Strong, once they discover that he is a mutant himself. Adam-X and Shatterstar, in particular, discover a mutual affinity due to their alien mutant status and love of battle. Membership to X-Force is offered to Adam-X but he declines, choosing instead to find his past and find who he is.

Roaming the Earth

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For unknown reasons, Mister Sinister, under the pseudonym of Mr. Milbury, hires Arcade to “test” Adam-X. At the same time, Major Domo hires Arcade to get rid of Shatterstar. Arcade decides to meet the demands of both employers by capturing the two and pit them against one another in Murderworld. After yet again battling one another briefly, Adam-X and Shatterstar join forces and work their way through Murderworld and defeat Arcade.

While traveling in the Canadian Yukon wilderness, Adam-X witnesses Phillip Summers’ plane crash. Adam-X is able to rescue Summers before his plane explodes. Adam-X uses his mutant power to “heat” Summers' blood and keep him warm until he finally manages to carry him to a hospital. They are greeted by Summers' grandson, Cyclops and Cyclops' wife, Jean Grey. The two X-Men thank Adam-X for his efforts and, using Jean’s telepathy, Adam-X is able to share some of his memories with Phillip, showing him the ships he flew while with the Shi’ar.

Versus Captain Marvel

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Adam-X is next seen with Captain Marvel scaling a mountain. The two head for the Aerie, a ship that Adam-X has called home for the last two months. Unaware to both Adam-X and Captain Marvel that they are being watched by the Shi’ar agent, Davan Shakari (aka Eric the Red). Shakari sends the Sidri Hunters to bring them in. Adam-X and Captain Marvel easily fend off the Sidri Hunters.

In his encounter with Shakari, Adam-X learns the most about his past. Shakari explains, “You are dubbed the Forsaken One, Adam – but that was a mistake on the Majestor’s part, those many years ago! Truly had you been rightfully admitted into the family, we would not be in this predicament today. Empress Lilandra sits on the Shi'ar Throne this day, only because Majestor D’Ken was driven mad by his experience inside the M'Kraan Crystal. She was not meant to guide the Imperium. You see, yours is the destiny of power – bred to introduce a hybrid, specific genetic potential into the Shi’ar Monarchy! Adam-X, you were born to rule the Imperium! Who else should be the heir to the throne – other than the living child of Majestor D’Ken?”

Adam-X however, uses his mutant power to “fry” Shakari, causing his body to apparently explode. From there, Adam-X and Captain Marvel part ways, wishing one another the best of luck. When last seen, Adam-X was still searching the Earth for more clues to his own past.

Dark X-Men

Dark X-Men
Dark X-Men

Years later, Adam-X finally returns in San Fransisco, sitting drunk in a bar with other mutants. He is angry that humans are trying to prevent new mutant births and he participates in a riot. Adam is later arrested by Emma Frost and her Dark X-Men

Powers & Abilities

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X-Treme is a Shi’ar/Mutant Hybrid that is capable of igniting the electrolytes present in the bloodstream, causing the person to burn from the inside out. X-Treme possesses exceptional control of his power; able to incinerate objects, or simply use the power to create a warming sensation. Any person with an open cut becomes a target for him. To this end he carries Shi'ar blades, known as Thet’je blades, to cut his enemies and thus oxygenate their blood. Whether this is necessary or simply makes the power more effective, remains unknown. Adam uses a trigger word of "Burn" to activate this power and his eyes glow red.

Adam is a Shi'ar / human hybrid, and as such he possesses the traits and abilities of both species. His strength is slightly superhuman, and his stamina and endurance is many times that of a normal human. Adam's speed and reflexes are far superior to both human and Shi'ar. As he is also half Shi-ar, who are evolved from giant birds of prey, he also possesses superhuman senses, agility, flexibility, dexterity, coordination, and balance which are standard for the Shi'ar.

Alternate Realities

Secret Wars. Age of Apocalypse

Adam as Burner
Adam as Burner

During Secret Wars event, in the Domain of the Age of Apocalypse, a version of Adam X appeared using the alias of Burner. In this reality he was a member of Magento's X-men.

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