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Adam van Helsing along with he's father Conrad was a vampire hunter. On one of their hunts they happened upon Vampirella, who was not like other vampires. She did not fear crosses or sunlight. Adam fell in love from the first sight. Conrad and Adam realized that Vampi was not evil and joined her. Eventually he became governor, and he still was trying to fight the supernatural. One day he happened upon a slash nest. He's team was killed and he himself badly beaten but left alive with words "Only human". Haunted by those words he sought out a man, who was dealing with an illegal drug. He wanted to be more than human and that is exactly what that drug did. He was transformed, and he started to call himself Bad Jack. Again capable of fighting supernatural, he joined Vampirella on her quest once more. When daughter of chaos, Nyx, started to take over the world, Adam was caught and killed as an example for Vampirella. Adam ended up in Draculon, now revealed to be part of hell, he was appointed to be it's guardian. He's life was bound to that of Draculon, if it would die, so would he. On one occasion that almost happened, but Vampirella saved him and Draculon, and the rivers of blood run again.

Vampirella went through numerous adventures, where she learned that she could return Adam to life, she needed some souls to give to the Chaos God, and with the help of Blood Red Queen of Hearts she succeeded, but with a price. Adam was returned to earth as a vessel for the Chaos God. Vampirella fought the Chaos God and managed to beat him and save Adam. Adam however retained some of the powers left behind by Chaos God.

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