Fantasy "Acts of Vengeance!"

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I really liked "Acts of Vengeance" had a very interesting and unique story-arc, I thought.

If you could re-imagine AOV, who would you pit hero against villain that they haven't faced ever? Here are just a few of my dream bouts (and I'm pretending "Civil War," "House of M," and other recent major events didn't happen)

  1. Thor vs. Carnage

  2. Spider-Man vs. Crossbones

  3. Nightwatch vs. Magneto

Anyone else?

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Some more:

  1. X-Force vs. The Wrecking Crew

  2. Citizen V vs. Bullseye, Nuke, and the Kingpin

  3. Dr. Strange vs. The Green Goblin

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1. Punisher vs. Juggernaut
2. Iron Man vs. Zzzax
3. Spider-Man vs. Kang the Conquerer
4. Hulk vs. Psycho-Man
5. Fantastic Four vs. Sinister Six
6. Thor vs. Wendigo
7. Captain America vs. Jigsaw
8. Daredevil vs. Crossbones
9. X-Men vs. Masters of Evil
10. Deadpool vs. Hobgoblin

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Interesting choices there, Hob! I definitely like the X-men battling the Masters of Evil and the Punisher fighting Juggernaught. It'd be fascinating to see how Frank Castle would be able to handle old Juggy...he's gonna need more than just his arsenal to take that big freak out!

Anyway, here are some more Fantasy AOV matches I'd like to see (regardless of canon and continuity)L

1. Hercules vs Kingpin
2. Ares vs Sabretooth
3. Thunderbolts vs Baron Mordo, Dorammu, and his demonic hordes
4. The Defenders vs Taskmaster, Razorfist, The Fixer, and Calypso
5. Daredevil and Punisher vs Bloodscream and Roughhouse
6. Shang-Chi vs Venom
7. Wolverine vs Destroyer (Asgardian armor being)

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cool fights

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kang the conqueror                                 

baron strucker   

green goblin                    

count nefaria   




maximus the mad                   

ronan the accuser                               


mr. sinister 


omega red







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