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Early New year's Resolution!

Whoa, just whoa, incredible, I'm speechless! Well, for starters, I'm enjoying the heck out of Paul Cornell and Pete Woods run on Action. As the title of my review states, I now resolve to buy anything I see with Cornell's name on it, he is fantastic! Onto the story! 
The story starts of in an alternate dimension. Lex Luthor finds his dead body, and also finds himself standing right next to Death. That is, Sandman's Death. Luthor fails to belive that he standing next to Death, and in the single best page, from any comic, Death touches luthor's nose, and leaves some black dust upon it, exclaiming that is her. Even after that, Luthor still fails to belive where he is. She explains to him, now that hes dead, he should see his whole life flash before his eyes, and it does. Death then takes luthor to calmly talk his life over, in another alternate dimension. They sit down, and Death talks to Luthor, about, well feath. Luthor explains to Death, that he is an atheist. Strangely, Death finally tells Luthor that he can't bargain with Death, but Luthor regrets that, and says that he'll win. This issue ends with luthor waking up, not dead, questioning the experiecnce he just had. Vandal Savage appears at the end as well. 
Although there wasn't any plot in this issue, I enjoyed it so much! Cornell's descriptive dialogue  really brings you into the story. He does a really good job of describing Death's job to me, who hasn't read Sandman. Death's lines are read with an extremely fun demeanor, and his Luthor is great, as always. Luthor's a psycho maniac, an evil mastermind, just how i like him. It was really phenomenal! 
Pete Woods's new style hasn't been as good his old style.. I really liked his old style, it was extremely detailed, very clean cut, and I don't like his new style as much. But, I never said I didn't like the art! Well, I really like the art! it's dynamic, it's bold, it reallly stands out from all the other styles out there, and it really fits the story well! 
Finally, I want to talk about the Jimmy Olsen co feature. I was a little worried about this, as Nick Spencer is a writer who's had a lot of hype, I mean a lot of hype in the past couple months. After Spencer wrote the first issue of Morning Glories, I have a feeling DC saw this as an opportunity. They scooped him up, they gave him the Jimmy Olsen feature, the thunder Agents series, and he's also going to be taking over writing duties from Sterling Gates on Supergirl! I thought to myself, a writer with this many projects coming up, and who's talked about this much must be bad. I was wrong. I really enjoyed, the writing was very whimsical, witty, and almost a bit like Gail Simone. And I love Gail Simone, A LOT! RB Silva's art was very detailed, and he's really good at facial expressions, looks a little bit like Pete Woods's old style! Very nice, i can tell it's going to be a fun romp.  
Top this all off with an amazing David Finch cover, this issue was great! Waiting for the Secret Six crossover!  
5 Stars!

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