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The Man of Steel is anxious to solve the mystery of the corpse found inside his tomb that has been identified as Superman. He seeks the one person who might hold the answer: the Eradicator!

Superman Triangle 44 of 1994. Superman is at wits end trying to figure out who is behind the identical corpse of Superman planted in Centennial Park. Grasping at straws, Superman goes after those who have the ability to create this trick. First on his list is the Eradicator, so Superman is off to Las Vegas to track down the Eradicator and his teammates, the Outsiders. Superman fins the team, and interrogates the Eradicator. At first, the Outsiders let Superman and the Eradicator fight things out on their own. However, when Superman looks like he is going to go over the edge, the Outsiders step in. The Outsiders attack, and manage to force Superman to leave. Superman, content that the Eradicator is not behind it, returns to metropolis for the next person on his list: Lex Luthor.

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