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Insane in the Matrix Brain

    In summarizing the events of this issue, Superman has just recently returned to Earth following the Exile arc and has to deal with Matrix having some kind of identity crisis.  The crisis stemmed from Matrix foolishly touching the Kryptonian artifact known as the Eradicator and thus becoming one with Clark's memories and hence comes to the conclusion that it is Superman.  It causes Matrix to have destructive episodes, such as the destruction of a commercial store in Smallville and the temporary kidnapping of Jonathan and Martha Kent.  In the end, Matrix faces off against Superman only to find that it was wrong in thinking it was the Man of Steel and leaves Smallville, and Earth for that matter, to discover its true calling.  
    The storyline itself was not exactly awe inspiring, for it really just seemed more of a filler after the events of Exile and building toward something else.  For Matrix fans though its an excellent reference for its origin.  (By the way, I am continuing to refer to Matrix as "it" because of the funny internal monologues that Clark has in referring to its gender.  He can't seem to decide if its a he or he despite it obviously having taken on the guise of Supergirl. Go figure!) For those that seek a complicated plot though this book is not for you.  Its straightforward and to the point, having only one location in Smallville and comes down to a war of fists, and words, between Matrix and the Man of Steel.  
    If you are a fan of George Perez then you will definitely like this simplistic story.  For my part I've always found his art and Brett Breeding's inks to be good depictions of Superman.  Plus, with the way Matrix looks being all gray and black and unshaven, it makes one harken back to Christopher Reeves' "Evil Superman" in the third Superman film. All in all though, worth to buy if you're a Matrix fan but not the best if you're seeking a more complicated storyline.

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