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  1. A Goof Named Tiny Rufe (Superman) -- 2. Capt. Hewitt T. "Shorty" Wheless (Supermen of the U.S. Army) -- 3. Bullets for Breakfast (Vigilante) -- 4. Aces of Fire (Three Aces) -- 5. The Clever Chinese -- 6. Escape from the Scaffold (Americommandos) -- 7. A Modern Robinson Crusoe (Congo Bill) -- 8. Crimes by Coincidence (Zatara)

Superman: A bit of satire at the expense of cartoonist Al Capp (who would have been well-known at the time as the author of Li'l Abner and his girlfriend Daisy Mae). Cartoonist Al Hatt, who writes a comic strip for the Daily Planet, is running out of inspiration, so Perry White suggests that he spend some time alone at his cabin in the backwoods. Inspiration still won't come, until one day a couple of hillbillies, Tiny Rufe and Maisie Day, wander past his cabin and get into a romantic argument. Over the next few days, Tiny and Maisie meet up regularly at the cabin, and Hatt eavesdrops on their relationship problems. Hatt decides to create a new comic strip based on the real-life story of Tiny Rufe and Maisie Day, and it is a smash hit, sweeping the country.

One day, however, disaster strikes when Tiny and Maisie work out their differences and decide to get married. Hatt realizes if he is to continue to use them as inspiration for his comic, he must prevent the marriage, so he stages several stunts to try to break them up. Each time, Superman intervenes to save their relationship, so Hatt must keep thinking of more and more outlandish schemes to break them up. Eventually Hatt gives up and Tiny and Maisie get married. Hatt decides to start a new comic strip: The Adventures of Superman.

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