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  1. Cover by Curt Swan and Dick Giordano and Carmine Infantino.
  2. "The Secrets of Superman's Fortress" written by Leo Dorfman, penciled by Curt Swan and inked by Murphy Anderson. (Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen)
    While showing Lois around his Fortress of Solitude, she notices a room forbidden to visitors. Within the room is a memento of Althera, leader of a race of Space Amazons, that Superman encountered on his way back from a space mission. On a remote jungle planet, Superman encounters some primitive natives enslaved by the Amazons. While aiding the primitives, Superman falls in love with Althera, leader of the Amazon race that are descendants of birds. Believing Superman is of the same race because he can fly, Althera falls in love with him too. When Superman explains they are actually of different species, Althera realizes there can be no love between them and the affair ends, but Superman still has strong feelings for her years later.
  3. "The Credit Card of Catastrophe" written by Geoff Brown, penciled by Curt Swan and inked by Murphy Anderson. (Superman, Supergirl)
    While visiting a charity carnival, Superman encounters a clairvoyant who gives him a credit card granting him three wishes. The next day, his powers disappear each time there is an emergency and he uses the wishes to restore his powers in each case. Later, the clairvoyant says she magically removed his powers and demands half the gold from Fort Knox to resotre them. However, Superman discovers the clairvoyant is actually Supergirl, who super-hypnotized him into believing his powers were gone, in an attempt to do an experiment to see if Superman would commit a crime under hypnosis.
  4. "Cap's Hobby Center" by Henry Boltinoff.

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