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Superman: Lois goes to Gladstone Hall to cover a meeting of the "Volunteers for Peace". The speaker, Steve Pemberton, argues against American rearmament, and claims that the Daily Planet is getting payoffs from the government to promote rearmament. This infuriates Lois, who storms onto the stage to confront him, but she is intercepted by the guards. As they try to throw her out, Superman arrives and rescues her. 
Returning to the hall later, Superman discovers that the real aim of the Volunteers is to sabotage several key targets to soften up Metropolis for an invasion by "Nation X". Superman manages to prevent the destruction of a bridge and the poisoning of the water supply, but then a wave of planes appears and starts to bomb Metropolis. Superman tackles the planes and manages to force the leader to order off the attack.
Meanwhile, Pemberton has taken over a radio station and is broadcasting a message telling people to surrender. When Superman confronts him, he tries to use Lois as a hostage, but Superman manages to defeat him and save Lois.

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