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Superman stars in a tale of Professor Cobalt's clinic!

Professor Cobalt's Quack Clinic -- Trapped in the Snow -- Rescued -- Ingrid Svenson's Inheritance -- Introducing "Miss X" -- Message to the Major Part 2 -- Claim Jumpers -- The Jagtooth Gold Mine.

Superman: Professor Clarence Cobalt runs a clinic where he claims to cure infantile paralysis. When he tries to place an ad in the Daily Planet, Clark throws him out and vows to expose Cobalt as a fraud. He and Lois visit the clinic where Lois poses as a patient and Superman eavesdrops, discovering that Cobalt and his assistant Grafton are indeed frauds. However, Cobalt and Grafton discover that Clark and Lois are reporters, and lock them up in the clinic so they can learn how much the Planet knows. Superman breaks out and steals the clinic's patient records, which he delivers to the Planet. In an attempt to save themselves, Cobalt and Grafton threaten all their patients with death if they talk but after Superman visits the patients, they descend on the clinic and threaten to lynch Cobalt and Grafton. Superman promises to protect them from the mob if they confess their crimes.

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