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Superman: In one of the weaker entries in the Action catalog, Lois is looking after her trouble-maker niece Susie again, and wants Clark to come along when she takes Susie to see a performance of Mother Goose's nursery rhymes at Thimble's department store.
At the store's "children's theater", the performance begins, and the audience watches the nursery rhymes being acted out on stage. After a while, Susie gets thirsty, so Lois sends her out on her own to get a drink. Searching for the drinks stand, Susie gets lost and ends up in the wings of the stage, where she spots Mother Goose bending over to pick up something from the floor. The sight of Mother Goose's ample rear end presents a tempting target for Susie's slingshot, so she takes aim and fires.
As Mother Goose jumps in surprise, Susie is shocked to see her wig fall off, revealing that Mother Goose is in fact the gangster Monk Malone. Susie takes another shot at him with her slingshot, angering Malone to the point where he takes out his gun and shoots at her. 
Clark, meanwhile, has become concerned that Susie hasn't returned so has a look backstage with his x-ray vision and spots Susie in trouble, so he slips away and changes into Superman in time to save her.
Back in the theater, the cast now reveals their true identity and produce guns so they can rob the rich women in the audience of their cash and jewels. Superman makes quick work of the gang, however.

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