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Due to their physical appearance and the planet of Byss, in which this species originate from, many believed the Abyssin to be a primitive and all around unintelligent species of humanoid. With their one large eye, tall and stocky build and their clawed hands and feet, this was only aided by the species natural violent behaviour for them to be thought of as oaths. And because of this, they were often hired to be small time thugs or for other criminal activities.

Their violent behaviour stemmed from the fact that the species lived in nomadic tribes when on their home planet, that often lead to brawls between two different tribes. In these brawls, or as they are often called, 'Blooding' the two tribes would fight until one sides warriors were either killed, incapacitated or captured by the other tribes warriors. However, due to their much more sentient nature and the fact they were not the brainless thugs that others thought them to be, warriors from the losing tried who survived the ordeal were often allowed to join the winning tribe. This could all be avoided of course, with the peaceful trading of water, food or other supplies.

Something which set the Abyssin apart from other species is the fact that they have a powerful regenerative capability which allows them to heal their own bodies at a fast rate. This regenerative factor was said to have stemmed and evolved into the Abyssin from the fact that with the tribal brawls being frequent, many were killed, so their healing evolved to be able to handle the loss of bleeding or lost limbs, which they can regrow at an extremely rapid rate. When Abyssin grew older, they would lose their healing capabilities and be able to die a natural death, however because of the healing they possess they have an extended natural lifespan of around 300 years.

Jedi/Sith Abyssin

Quarmall - A Jedi Master who fell to the dark side.

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