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An unknown protector of abused children. He is unknown to the current Batman but he has claimed to have had a run in with the original Batman, Bruce Wayne by telling Grayson that he didn't expect Batman to remember all the little helpers.

He lived as an orphan and was fascinated by the heroes that he'd read about, never expecting to actually be involved with one. He was kidnapped by the Scarecrow who wanted to use him as bait to draw in Batman. Scarecrow injected him with the venom that is used to give Bane his strength. Unable to control himself, he began to attack Batman, and later Scarecrow. Batman intervened before he could go too far, and told him that he would regret going down that path. Finally, knowing what it was like to have someone care about him, Colin, still affected by the venom, learned to control it. He now had his mind set on becoming a hero, even though he knew he wouldn't be accepted. He began by going after some thugs who would regularly prey on the orphans. He took some jewelry from one of them and cashed it in at a pawn shop. Later, he decided to get some brass knuckles made and have the words "Abuse" written on them. He continued to fight against anyone who abused little children. He soon decided to go after bigger villains who were involved in kidnapping the kids. He first encountered Humpty Dumpty, but it turned out that he was trying to actually help the children.

However, he learned from Dumpty, that the kids were found near the river and he decided to look for clues. There he encountered Damian, who he though was an ordinary child. They encountered some of Mr. Zsasz's henchmen. Seeing Damian fight the thugs made him suspect that he was Robin. He then told Robin that he knew who he was and would help him against Zsasz. However, Damian, unaware of who Colin really was, knocked him out to prevent him from getting into danger. After the brawl Colin returned to the orphan homes still knowing of Damian's secret identity. Damian meets up Colin and gives him a motorcycle as a gift. When Colin questions why Damian disappears.

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