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Able Crown is one of Gotham City's local crime bosses, Able led a collaboration of several street gangs that he dubbed the Burnley Town Massive. Crown also formed a clever operation within an orphanage that he owned. The kids would peddle drugs through their toys for dealers and users. Unfortunately, the orphanage was burnt down by Kyle Abbot. However, Abbot did save the children from the orphanage only because he could use them to start a war between Crown and the Colombian gang in Gotham. Crown learned that the children were being held hostage by the Colombians so he immediately blamed them for the arson at the orphanage. By feeding Able this false information, Whisper A'Daire managed to gain Crown's compliance to work for her. However, Able's confidence in his newfound allies was shaken when he witnessed Ekin's transformation from man to a beastly hybrid. Able went to the police in order to blow Whisper's operation. Able was last seen alive at a conference between rival gangs. At the time, Able was foolish enough to reach for his cigarette lighter which everyone else mistook for a gun. Able died in the crossfire and inadvertently sparked Gotham's greatest gang war.

The Burnley Massive is one of the most violent of the new gangs in Gotham. Its money comes from drugs, guns and flesh.

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