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The Volgan war has raged for years, spreading off of Earth and on to Mars. Now an Earth general has assembled a team of advanced robots - capable of withstanding atomic, bacterial or chemical attack - to finally conquer the 'devil planet.'

They are Hammerstein, a war-droid whose chest 'puffs' with pride when he hears the national anthem; Joe Pineapples, a secretive, ice-cool sniper; Blackblood, so evil he drinks the oil of fallen robots; Mongrol, a mindless killing machine; Happy Shrapnel, a sharp-shooting old-timer; Steelhorn, the self-styled 'greatest robot ever created'; and Deadlock, the mysterious Khaos-worshipper and wielder of the mystical Ace of Swords. They are the A.B.C. Warriors and they've come to tame a planet. Spread the word!

This collection includes a brand new prologue and new epilogue, both commissioned specially for the volume. This collection was reprinted in 2005 by Rebellion, but minus the prologue and epilogue. It was reprinted again in 2009 with a new cover, displaying headshots of the team, with the prologue and epilogue reinstated. It was reprinted again in 2010, again with the introductory strip but also with the ABC Warriors story from 2000 AD Annual 1985, which is NOT included in any other edition of ABC Warriors Meknificent Seven, nor in any other ABC Warriors collection.

Collects the A.B.C. Warriors stories from 2000AD progs 119-139.

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