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Jesse Smith, Kris Fowles, Dean Russel, Nancy Halbrook, Quentin Smith and Jesse Braun along with several other children all attended the same preschool together where Fred Krueger, the gardener, loved to play with them, especially hide and seek.

Fred was very friendly with all of the children, but his favorite was Nancy because she was an artist.

Fred claimed that he was an artist as well, but didn’t have the kind of talent that she had and asks her if she could make some of his drawings better.

He takes Nancy to his “Secret Cave” where he lets her paint on the walls.

One day Nancy comes home with scratches on her back and her parents begin to become more concerned about the children’s safety, this is also when all of the parents become suspicious of Krueger’s intentions with the children.

The parents chase down Krueger when they believe that he’s crossed the line and needs to pay for his actions.

Fred locks himself in a shed for safety, but a Molotov Cocktail is thrown through the window causing the shed to catch on fire, burning Fred to death (This is revealed in one of Quintin’s dreams).

Since the death of Fred Krueger, the parents do everything they can to make their children forget about the preschool and Freddy, but it all bubbles to the surface when Freddy begins to appear in their dreams and try to kill them.

Nancy and Quentin originally believed that Freddy was innocent and that their parents murdered him, but after discovering pictures of Nancy (Most likely nude. The audience never sees the photos) in Freddy’s “secret cave” years later they learn that Freddy Krueger is trying to kill them because they exposed him as a pedophile.







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