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Presenting Turning Points: a month where the MC2 heroes face critical moments which will define their futures! It¹s a major moment in the history of A-NEXT when Thunderstrike, Stinger and J2 discover that Mainframe is already auditioning possible additions or replacements for the team! The first candidates: American Dream and her Dream Team ‹ Freebooter, Crimson Curse and Bluestreak! And, as if that wasn¹t bad enough, the new Avengers are asked to protect a visiting Wakandan Prince ‹ T¹Chaka, the son of the legendary Black Panther! Unfortunately, the Soldiers of the Serpent plan to assassinate him on national television! And, to further complicate the situation, T¹Chaka¹s guardian just happens to be Vibraxas (a former member of the Fantastic Force) ‹ and the prince himself has a dual identity of his own as the mighty Coal Tiger! Plus: cameos by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Jubilee!

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