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This series was created by Andy Schmidt and Chee Yang Ong. It describes how Ray Cricara had the perfect life. A loving wife, adoring daughter and a job he really liked. This all changes when they were hit by a speeding truck. They were all rushed to the hospital but his wife Debra dies during surgery. Awaken by a shadowy subject, Ray starts down a dark path thinking his adversary, Hoverman was behind the hit on his family. Before he can question the shadowy figure, his doctor comes in to tell him he has suffered massive damage to his brain and only had 5 days left to live. With his wife deceased, his daughter still in intensive care, Ray has chosen to protect his family by any cost necessary. Time is against him as the days pass by and his time grows short. Meanwhile, Debra’s sister, Sarah has come into town and learns of her sister’s death. She is enraged when her niece is left alone to fend for herself after her surgery. After finding Hoverman’s henchmen, a valuable tip has led him to his quarry and he plans to get his revenge. Ray fails to get Hoverman and must give up his badge as his rampage has put his job into jeopardy. To make matters worse, his daughter has been asking for him and he is nowhere to be found. In a last ditch effort, Ray takes Hoverman’s family hostage drawing his nemesis out. Ray extracts his revenge only to learn Hoverman had nothing to do with the accident. His injuries had created another personality and his conspiracy theory was all in his mind. The daughter says her final goodbye to her father at his funeral as time finally runs out.

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